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Window Repair - Attention To Detail

Window Repair | Rick The Window Guy - Cincinnati, OH

Appearance of a new window can change the outward appearance of your home, but is it always the most cost-effective route to go? At one time or another, we all have experienced those drafty, old, cranky, and hard to operate windows. Knowing whether to replace or have window repair can save you both time and money.

If you live in an older Victorian home, sometimes replacing the old windows with new can cause your home to depreciate. If the window frame damage is spotty, you may be able to patch those areas, although, if the frame is completely rotten, then the whole frame needs replacing. Rotten frames involve removing the window and rebuilding the frame, which would actually cost as much as a window replacement.

A window repair is evident for a window that won’t operate or open smoothly. Learning to clean the window tracks and replacing the hardware will cost pennies. Our expert technicians are qualified to give you advice to maintain your current windows.

With a drafty window, try window repair first. Most of the time, the draft is caused from cracked and peeling caulking, old weather stripping around the window, or rotted wood. For as little as a few dollars, a tube of caulking might seal the deal. Anytime you are unsure, contact us for resolution. If we can’t assist you on the phone, we will make a visit to your home to see if we can assist in your window repair at an affordable, competitive price.

In Cincinnati, a majority of clients call on the expertise of Rick the Window Guy. A trained technician will provide a free consultation and go over his findings so that you can decide on quality window repair, window restoration or new glass windows. Don’t put your windows off anymore, get a free consultation today!